EDITED Analytics

Increase margins with in-depth analytics

Create easy-to-read reports and beautiful dashboards from the world’s largest source of retail market data and competitive intelligence. Easily share data-rich visualizations to drive alignment, consistency, and accurate decisions across every team in your organization.

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  • Increase Profits

    Dynamic dashboards & visualizations

  • Strengthen Entry Price

    Easily shared across teams

  • Suceed In New Markets

    Real-time competitive intelligence

  • Plan Otb Budgets

    Price & discounting data over time

  • View Price Architecture

    One source of accurate market data

  • EDITED Analytics

    Capitalize first on new trends

    Always know what’s trending, what’s selling, and what’s winning. Data on the entire market at your fingertips so you're never in the dark. Always know what decision to make.

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    • Excel exports
    • Unlimited reports
    • No IT integration
    Analytics Trends
    Price Tracking

    Maximize every margin

    Never discount too much again by spotting all promotional and pricing opportunities. Compare pricing architectures by assortment or category to optimize pricing and base MSRP on real demand, not cost.

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    • Sell more & discount less
    • Track competitor price & discount over time
    • 8+ years of pricing data
    Analytics Maximise Margins
    EDITED Analytics Features

    Competitor intelligence & market data. Displayed beautifully.

    With more than 8 years of history on every product, launch date, discount, and price, you’ll have access to a full suite of analysis with EDITED real-time competitive intelligence.

    • Real-time market data pre-populated

      Search and filter for market and competitive data. Easily rewind time to view the market on any past data or discounting strategy. Access product details for every SKU including price, gender, age, size, color, patterns, categories, or stock.

    • Dynamic dashboards & data visualizations

      Create easy-to-read reports and beautiful dashboards from the world’s largest source of retail market data and competitive intelligence. Easily organize and share between teams. Filter data by product details across brand, categories, and more. Export efficiently into excel.

    • Product, price, promotion & assortment analysis

      Get pricing data analysis overtime. Track your competitors’ discounting strategy over key dates such as Black Friday. Understand the new products your competitors are bringing to market and what’s selling through and being replenished.

    Analytics Market Data
    Visual Merchandising

    Get your promotional strategy right

    Time product launches and promotions perfectly. Tell the right story and capture the perfect audience. See all promotional communications from your competitors worldwide and pinpoint key trends.

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    Analytics Track Promotions
    • Excel exports

      Prefer to work with the raw numbers? We understand. We make it easy to export our data into any new or existing Excel spreadsheet.

    • Unlimited support

      We only succeed when you do. You’ll get unlimited access to our in-house Customer Success team for questions, advice, and trainings.

    • No IT integration

      EDITED is entirely web-based and runs directly out of your web browser. You won’t have to install, integrate, or update anything ever.


    World-class support from retail experts

    We’re serious about getting you value from day one. Our in-house team of retail experts are on hand to help you get the answers you need and ensure you're set up for success.

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      Hit the ground running and get started immediately with no integration required.

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      We’re available by phone, email, or in-app to help you get the answers you need.

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      Data and support across almost every critical market. Launch into new markets with ease.