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    World’s largest retail data set

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  • Leverage Key Trends

    Tracked in real-time

  • Tell The Right Story

    Global data

  • Indentify Hero Products

    2.5+ billion SKUs

  • Competitive Intelligence

    Beat your competitors to market every time

    Don’t risk being one step behind your competitors. Track the market daily and be the first to respond to new trends, react to market fluctuations, and turn big opportunities into big gains.

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    Data Competitiors
    EDITED Data Features

    Use our AI data engine to get it right

    Discover and track over 2.5 billion SKUs from any retailer, brand, or marketplace. Find accurate product, pricing, assortment, and promotion data.

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    • Data collection with AtlasAI

      The EDITED AI engine, AtlasAI, uses visual pattern recognition, optical character recognition, and text crawling to collect data. Automate everything using machine learning to accurately collect and categorize market data.

    • Data organization with AtlasDB

      The EDITED database, AtlasDB, efficiently stores data from over 140,000 global websites. Get access to a normalized data set using industry-standard categories and product names. Full product, pricing, assortment, and promotion data organized by category, gender, region, color, pattern, and keywords.

    • 8+ years of data

      AtlasDB stores historical data when looking up past markets and competitive intelligence. Find accurate product, pricing, assortment, and promotion data from critical past events and trends.

    Full Data on Key Seasonal Colors

    Make data-backed decisions on key colors

    See the worldwide distribution of colors, down to specific color codes to back the right trends every season with EDITED data. Never guess your palette distribution again.

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    Key Colors

    World-class support from retail experts

    We’re serious about getting you value from day one. Our in-house team of retail experts are on hand to help you get the answers you need and ensure you're set up for success.

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