Market Intelligence Platform

Products to drive sales & increase margins

Gain real-time access to the retail data you need to make the right decisions every day. Move with speed and agility with full pricing, assortment, and trend analysis.

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  • Trade Faster

    Trade faster

  • Stay Ahead Of The Market

    Stay ahead of the market

  • Price Every Product Right

    Price every product right

  • Identify Commercial Opportunities

    Identify opportunities

  • Spot Assortment Gaps

    Spot assortment gaps

  • The EDITED Market Intelligence Suite

    Better data. Better decisions.

    Make more accurate decisions across your entire organization using retail market data and competitive intelligence.

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    • Real-time competitive intelligence
    • Automated data collection & categorization
    • In-depth analytics
    • Trend analysis published daily
    market intelligence

    "Otto Group has continued to partner with EDITED over the past four years because we’ve seen clear results. Recently, Otto Group’s bonprix and About You saw revenue increases equalling a combined total of 1.8 billion euros."

    Tobias Caldeweyher
    Tobias Caldeweyher
    Head of E-commerce Analytics
    EDITED Data

    Better outcomes with the EDITED AI data engine

    With over 2.5 billion+ SKUs tracked daily, build a competitive advantage with the world’s largest source of retail market data.

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    Save time and money by letting our AI engine collect, track, and categorize all the market data you need.


    Leverage reliable categorized product data that is easy to search, filter, and understand. No more manual comp-shops.

    market intelligence
    EDITED Analytics

    Increase margins with in-depth analytics

    Create easy-to-read reports and beautiful dashboards that allow you to spot big opportunities in the market. Share data-rich visualizations to drive alignment and consistency across teams.

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    market intelligence
    • Know the market

      Use visualizations of real-time market data to understand exactly what’s happening in your key markets. Gain a 360 view instantly.

    • Capitalize first on new trends

      Be the first to spot and monetize new trends. Always be ahead of the curve and the competition with real-time market data on intuitive dashboards.

    • Get your product & pricing right

      Make sure every product is a best-seller and never discount too deeply again. Always understand your competitor's discounting strategy.

    EDITED Research

    Expert industry analysis published daily

    Stay ahead of the market with expert analysis on all major trends and industry events from our team of Retail Analysts. Get access to world-class retail, runway, and trend reports published and updated daily.

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    • Over 30+ trend reports a week
    • Published daily
    • In-depth research & analysis
    • Time promotions perfectly
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    Get it right

    Market intelligence across your entire retail business

    Better data always leads to better decisions and every department needs access to accurate data. From planning, buying, merchandising, trading and marketing, we’ve got the data you need to make the right decisions.

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    • Right products
    • Right promotions
    • Right pricing
    • Right assortments
    Overview Get It Right
  • Boohoo +40%

    Revenue increase

  • Otto Group +€1.8b

    Revenue increase

  • Logo Orizontal Negru +70%

    Revenue increase

  • Support

    World-class support from retail experts

    We’re serious about getting you value from day one. Our in-house team of retail experts are on hand to help you get the answers you need and ensure you're set up for success.

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      Hit the ground running and get started immediately with no integration required.

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      Phone support

      We’re available by phone, email, or in-app to help you get the answers you need.

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      Global coverage

      Data and support across almost every critical market. Launch into new markets with ease.